The 4 R's

Reduce     Reuse     Recycle     Respect


It all really begins with respect. Once we respect our environment, we will automatically Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Respect is the value, worth or appreciation you attach to someone or something.
  • Respect is an all-encompassing perception you have – of yourself, others, issues, ideas, objects, places, the environment  – and how you react to and treat these. It’s your thoughts expressed through your words and actions.
  • YOU are the centre of YOUR world. Everything in your universe stems from you, and encircles you.
  • You exist and react to everything in your world – people, places, spaces, products, happenings, matters, ideas, goals, wishes and wants. It’s like one giant web. And it’s the same for the next person. 
  • How you value and thus treat yourself, due to your conscious and unconscious thoughts, defines how everything in your world materialises and manifests. And it’s the same for the next person.
  • No-one lives in a vacuum. We are all individuals who share our space with others within an environment. Everyone’s web interacts with everyone else’s web. And every living organism within an eco-system is similarly interconnected.
  • Showing respect to and for others gives meaning and worth to their essence and their lifeweb. Showing respect to our environment and eco-system, enhances our ability to not just survive, but progress in a positive way.
  • The space (environment) in which we exist is just as important as the people we engage with. Everything in our living space or environment reacts to how one behaves within this environment.
  • By respecting the space and treating it with care, we provide a healthier environment in which we can live, flourish and interact.
  • By including Respect as the 4th R in Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, we instinctively change our daily habits as we become more aware of our individual environmental impact. We also become conscious of our impact as a whole, and therefore make more responsible decisions.

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