Walk the path to a better planet

The 4 R's

A simple, effective daily mantra. Learn how to add these values to your daily routines.


Learn about the really simple process and earth changing benefits of composting at home.

Water & Electricity

Alternative clean energy & water solutions are available & affordable.

Usage & Waste

Learn how to change your consumption habits to reduce your overall waste impact.


Everyday we use tons of paper and plastic for packaging. There are alternatives.


There is so much we can do to reuse and recycle our litter. Join the litter campaign.


As our waste increases, so do our landfills, as well as polluting our land and oceans!


The world's transportation needs have a massive negative impact on our planet.

Global Warming

The rising average surface temperature of our planet is a major concern!

Commit to taking one new step  – however small – in the green direction each day.

Like drops of water can fill a glass that you can drink, each small step adds up to make an impact on the environment and your pocket.

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